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Precision Machining-Melt Blown Spinneret, Melt Blown Mould

May 05,2020 | Views: 280

Precision Machining-Melt Blown Spinneret, Melt Blown Mould

Discription for melt blown mould:

1. The hanger-type runner is designed according to the characteristics of the raw materials (viscosity, temperature, rate);
2. Rib finish of mold cavity is 0.01um-0.06um; surface finish of melt flow is 0.03um-0.04um;
3. Using heating rod heating or heating plate heating outside, hot oil circulation temperature control;
4. Suitable for various materials such as PET, PBT, PA, PP, PE, PTFE, PS, EMA, EVA, TPU, carbon fiber, etc.

Technical characteristics :
1. Die head conventional model: 1.1M-1.6M, also can be customized according to customer's special requirements.
2. The diameter of the melt nozzle (spinner) is 0.2mm-0.3mm. The center distance of the spinneret holes is between 0.7mm-0.8mm.
3. Suitable for process temperature below 350, carbon fiber 330-350, PP, PET300
4. Suitable for general output of 30-50KG / hour, special requirements below 80KG / hour, can also be determined according to the production line configuration capacity.

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