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We, RCH Plastic, from 2005 are famous amongst the esteemed Manufacturer and Exporter of Pipe Spacer, Molding Die, Plastic Injection Molding Components, Sand Casting Patterns, Plastic Products and many more. All are designed mould dies in-house utilizing the best available resources and workmanship. Apart from this, these products are known for their sturdy design, lightweight, easy usability, and durability.

RCH Plastic provide Plastic Injection Molding  service, we are a plastic injection molder over 10 years and we work for global manufacturing company around the world, we  provide small volume plastic injection molding for ptototype mold or mass production for different kind of Plastic Products. our internal machines are from 80T to 230T,at the same time we can arrange bigger machine for bigger mold. Injection Molding, Plastic Molding, Plastic Material, Injection Machine, TOYO Injection Machine.

RCH Plastic offers a One Stop Center for Plastic Injection Molding services to all our customers. With close collaboration and partnership with Various manufacturing company, has given Plastolin a vast knowledge and technology in plastic injection molding. Many challenging Plastic Products have been developed with this technology. Our strength lies in the application of cutting-edge technology in plastic injection molding manufacturing, couple with a team of dedicated, skilled and experienced staff, RCH is confident it its design and manufacturing process to ensure that products of exceptional quality and reliability will be achieved.

Plastic injection molding by RCH Plastic

Plastic injection molding is one of the most vital procedures of producing large volumes of finished plastic parts. It is essential for the producing and manufacturing different spare parts, accessories and even complete production from raw plastic material and mold. The process is far easier and done step by step that starts with drying the raw plastic resin, blended with pigments or master batch colorants. In the further processing, the material is poured into the hopped of plastic injection molding machine that later enters barrel to melt and mix. Not to mention the mold that closes automatically for the next process of injected through a gate and into the mold cavity. Molten material is cooled to solidify the part inside the cavity and then open and injected part to start a new cycle.

RCH Plastic has become a one stop reliable source providing you with the right and precise solutions for plastic injection molding – done in state-of-the-art units, where experienced engineers are working by using advanced machinery and innovative technology.

We are not limited to plastic injection molding, but also provide you with molding material. Choose the right range according to your requirement and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

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