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Mold Compoents CNC Machining Part Custom Machining Part

May 28,2020 | Views: 237

CNC precisioin machining is the automated control of machining tools (drills, boring tools, lathes) by means of a computer. An NC machine alters a blank piece of material (metal, plastic, aluminum, copper and brass) to meet precise specifications by following programmed instructions and without a manual operator.

CNC machines combine a motorized maneuverable tool and often a motorized maneuverable platform, which are both controlled by a computer core, according to specific input instructions. Instructions are delivered to an NC machine in the form of graphical computer-aided design (CAD) files, which are transformed into a sequential program of machine control instructions, and then executed.

We provide custom machining for injeciton mold components, die mold compoents, stamp mold compoents, also for packaging parts, plastic automotive parts.....

 CNC Machine including Makino ......... >>More   

CNC machining Capabilities:
Applications Machine components Medica devices
Security components Valve devices
Consumer components Electronic housings
Furniture components Motor housings
Smart lock components Fittings / Contectings
Lighting components Furniture components

Industry field Medical Aerospace
Security &Protection Industrial
Consumer Packaging
LED Lighting Architectural
Electronic Household appliances
Furniture Office appliances
Telecom Military
Agricultural Automobile

Production Volume Prototype Low Volume
Small quantity Mass production

Metal material Aluminum Carbon Steel
Bronze Stainless steel
Copper Alloy Steels
Brass Iron

Plastic material ABS PVC
PMMA Nylon

Part Surface Mirror Polish Anodizing
Plated Passivation
Painting Electrophoretic coating
Powder coating Non- stick debron coating
Advantages   Shorter delivery time Professional team
Competitive price Good communication
Tight tolerance Good quality control

File format 2D format 3D format

Packaging Bubble  K-K carton / wood case
PE Foam woodex /Plastic pallet

Lead time Normally 2-4 weeks,
But some of them depend on the quantites  request

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